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Great Bookcase Plans for Your Living Room

They probably used either no plans or downloaded some shots of free libraries. Either way, their project is of poor quality, and are not very safe.

A library can be a very simple project, but should be to support the weight of all your books and junk successful. Of course, the library plans can be extremely complex. In both cases, is the best choice, well designed with some documented plans and start Bookshelf.

If you try to build a shelf without proper plans, you might end up with your own leaning tower of books. With a good set of shelf plans, you are well on your way to creating a great-looking paper box and safely.

Many people overlook how books are really heavy. Screws have much more power now and are necessary for the appropriate strength and stability of your library.

Your Library plans designed by professional will also give you good recommendations for the types of wood that can withstand abuse and weight of books, while still looking great. Pine is often a favorite because of its low cost, but you might as other hardwoods that can look great when they choose correctly completed. You can find nice bookcase plans here

One problem, which is trying to choose good plans, executed completely able to check in advance. Some great restaurants offer a variety of bundled shelf plans, so you can choose the plans for this project prefer. With a good set of shelf plans, you can build a variety of different libraries and each room has its own style.

The construction of these projects with good plans shelf can be both fun and very rewarding. They want rather than hiding told your libraries in places where people notice in a corner as the numerous leaning towers of books you have seen so far


bookcase plans built in

What bookcase plans that you need?

Creating a library is an interesting work for carpenters. There are a number of models that can be used to provide a shelf. This shelf designs can range from very simple to more complex designs. You need a few materials and tools to build the library. Therefore, it is good to start with shots Library. These plans offer an idea of ​​how to build the bookcase plans before purchasing materials and tools.

Plans Bookshelf you provide the equipment that must be purchased and measures in the construction of the required library. It only takes a few hours to build the bookcase. There are a number of available online template designs, you can make use of it.

The bookcase can also be a simple box. The upper edge and the lower edge of the shelf must be properly terminated. You must ensure that the library of short and effective plans.

You can watch videos online, the basics, how to create a shelf explains. Some of the materials that must be used to create a library comprises screws for the connection of the skirt to be fixed to the top of the pole and the top and bottom of the library to the wall. Using the right type of equipment and assistance valances you can in your office or your home to set up a very good library.

The two main tools that are needed to connect all the wooden planks to form a shelf, are the circular saw and drill.


How to build bookcase plans?

The structure of a library is a great project for a beginning or an experienced carpenter. And since it seems you can never have too many libraries this project is that you can do again and again. During the construction of a bookcase, the first thing you want to do is make sure the good plans. This ensures that all your projects, you will be proud.

Your chosen plan should include a list of tools and materials list. Depending on your plans, most of plywood shelves franc necessary 3/4 and 1/4 inch thick. Here are the tools that are necessary to build a library, step by step:

• table or circular saw with cutting guide

• Terminals

• Tape measure

• block-level

• Sandpaper

• Glue

• Iron (if using veneer board)

As with any project specific technical wood are needed to create a beautiful and functional furniture. Essentially for libraries (and any project for that matter), the largest technology will cut your lumber yard. Fold and Dado joints are used in the most basic libraries, you must be proficient with these joints.

Most bookcase are composed of three parts: casing (sides, top, bottom and rear), shelves and face frames. Once you cut your wood to the correct specification, construction of a library is basically a step by step process:

1. Create joints

2. Create the shelves

3. Assembly of parts

4. The application of the border

5. Preparation and assembly of the rod

6. Attaching the back

Building a Bookshelf step by step is a simple project that you should be able to complete a weekend in his. Once you've mastered the libraries of the basic structure, you might want a little more detail, to fight against something.